Immersive Haunted Adventure Fundraiser

Answers to top questions -

In a word: limitless!


For something like the Haunted Adventure, we will work with you to best determine the optimal ticket price for your area…. Maybe its $10 per person.


If you were to run the Haunted Adventure for 4 hours a night x 3 nights a week, for two weekends, that would be a total of 24 opened hours. At $10 each and 5 groups of 20 an hour, the event would generate $24,000. A longer run equals more money.


That money would then be split. (please see the next toggles)



We charge your organization nothing ever. Instead and in order to help us cover the costs of sending you scenery, the special effects, writing the scripts and our awesome support staff, A & L splits the profits with host organizations. 


That split helps us cover the cost of building and shipping the scenery to you, the special effects we provide and helps us pay our artists and staff who are there to support you from start to finish.

Each event we prepackage and help you to produce has different costs for us associated with it. Something like the Haunted Adventure requires us to write the script, build and send you scenery, ship special effects packages to you and more.


To cover our costs for this, and to keep providing amazing future events, A & L takes 75% of the proceeds until its costs to produce the event are covered. You take 25% for your organization. Once our costs are covered, then we split any profits 50/50. 


This model allows us to assume all financial risk for producing this event while helping you raise money. As an amazing added bonus, your students get to learn from our pros and put together another type of show. A great educational experience!

Your organization provides the location (an auditorium for example) and the talent! The haunted adventure requires a cast and a big one! The more people in the show the easier fundraising is! While we provide a script, there is no limit to the number of people who can partake. 


Additionally to make the event as successful as possible, “boots on the ground” to do things like advertise (hanging flyers, working with local businesses to promote etc) with our guidance.  We will also rely on you to provide the lighting instruments from your stock and things like tables chairs etc for aux support.


Lastly organizations participating would be responsible for any costs associated with the usage of your theatre or auditorium(security, janitorial staff etc).

A & L Entertainment Community provides the script, the special effects, the scenery and a LOT of advice and assistance along the way. We even help you work with the community to advertise and expand the reach of the adventure to maximize fundraising potential.

A & L’s Broadway experienced team will help you every step of the way. From scenery install technicians to special effects experts to community outreach and advertising your success is our success. Let’s do this together!

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