How Do We Make Money?

To reiterate, we will never charge you anything for one of our theatrical event fundraisers. 

Ok then how do we afford to write the shows, send staff, ship scenery and provide special effects?

Much like other fundraiser types in the world, we split the profits with you. Our success is your success. This also provides us a powerful incentive to help you raise as much money as possible.

Each event we prepackage and help you to produce has different costs for us associated with it. Something like the Haunted Adventure requires us to write the script, build and send you scenery, ship special effects packages to you and more.

To cover our costs for this, and to keep providing amazing future events, A & L takes 75% of the proceeds until its costs to produce the event are covered. You take 25% for your organization. Once our costs are covered, then we split any profits 50/50. 

This model allows us to assume all financial risk for producing this event while helping you raise money. As an amazing added bonus, your students get to learn from our pros and put together another type of show. A great educational experience!


How much can I raise?

The idea for a fundraising company has been tested and proven itself in a small-scale proof of concept.

The concept event was a traditional Haunted House – all low tech.  Even with limited reach and little advertising, the drama club profits $4,000-6,000 per year.

As an example – If you were to run the Haunted Adventure for 4 hours a night x 3 nights a week, for two weekends, that would be a total of 24 opened hours. At $10 each and 5 groups of 20 an hour, the event would generate $24,000. A longer run equals more money.

How much does it cost?

SCHOOLS NEVER PAY US ANYTHING. While we are not a charity you will NEVER paying us licensing fees, etc.

We cover our cost of sending you scenery & effects by splitting the profits with you.

Our staff will help you advertise and engage the community to maximize the money you raise. Learn more.

How does A & L you make money?

The primary purpose of A & L Community is to help raise funds for your organization. The Haunted Adventure achieves this by supplying a pre-packaged immersive show for organizations allowing them to raise funds without the costs and expenses of self-producing something like a musical. With A & L there are no costs or expenditures  that you might find with putting on a musical or a play such as rights licenses, sets or musicians etc.

We supply the package, you put on the event!

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Our fundraisers are unlike anything else! Not only do the fundraising events help increase your ability to raise money but we entertain the community and provide a unique educational opportunity at the same time.

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