Haunted Mine Adventure

About the haunted mine
adventure fundraiser

About the haunted mine adventure fundraiser

Our Haunted Mine Adventure brings a mining town to life in your theatre. 7 different locations including inside of the mine make up the experience. The adventure boasts special effects like a collapsing mine, a mineshaft car ride, ghosts making footprints in the dirt, and more. Keep your audiences on edge as they learn about the Black Arachna Copper mine.


Immediately upon arriving your guests will be immersed in  the experience. While they wait in line, late 19th century fiddle music sets the scene. As they get closer to the front of the line the upbeat music slowly turns more dark and sinister setting the stage for the adventure itself.

Guests are segregated into groups which your costumed students guide through the experience. Upon entering, the group almost immediately comes across an argument between the miners and their bosses at the mouth of the mine. As a pivotal event takes place, the group is whisked away from the mine’s opening into the town itself where the next scene seamlessly unfolds around the guests.

Your students are the actors performing the scenes in front of and all around the groups of guests as they make their way from one location to another. 

Inside the adventure

Never is the group left waiting for a scene to start. Instead as they move through the event, actors are constantly moving around and past like people would in a real life mining town. Suddenly a scene starts in front of the group as actors stop and begin talking with the audience never aware of how staged it all really is. 

The adventure lasts between 15-20 minutes. Guests will see a great story, with a human connection while being treated to floating lanterns without bodies, foot prints that make themselves in the sand without anyone being there and at the climax of the adventure, guests will be surrounded by a group of ghosts.

Haunted Mine
Adventure Contest

Host the first Haunted Mine adventure!

A & L is ready for the world to see our Haunted Mine Adventure fundraiser event. To celebrate, we hosting a contest!

For one lucky winning organization we will bring our Haunted Mine Adventure to your school in the fall of 2021. Our staff will tech this attraction side by side with you and your students. Then your school will host the event as a fundraiser for your arts program!

Apply today to for a change to bring this adventure to your theatre!

Contest Ends In:


Host the Haunted Mine Adventure as a Fundraiser for your drama progam!

One winning school will be the first to host our Haunted Mine Adventure and will use it as a fundraiser for their drama program! Enter now 

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This contest is opened to any school in the continental United States. There is no purchase necessary. The winning school will receive the rights to be the first organization in the country to put on the Haunted Mine Adventure. For more details click here. The winner will be subject to our standard terms and conditions of hosting a fundraiser event and must commit to hosting by July 30th, 2021, otherwise we reserve the right to choose another organization.

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