Immersive Haunted Adventure Fundraiser

Requirements to Host

The following page is designed to provide you with information about the requirements and general information about what the winning school will need to have and how they can prepare to host the adventure!

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Pre-plan to win by looking at the requirements below that the wining school will need to meet.



The winning school will need to be prepared to rehearse and host the Haunted Mine Adventure.


Show Time!

Lets raise some money! A & L will bring our NYC broadway experts to work side by side with your students at your location. 

Theatre/ Auditorium Requirements

  • A place to host

    You'll need a pace to host! This can be a theatre, performing arts center of the district, the auditorium or the caf-a-gym-atorium! Anywhere we can leave the event set up for at least the week of the run and then a minimum of two weeks beforehand so we can tech the event with your students!

  • Venue Specifications

    - A Stage with a width no less than 35' wide and 25' deep with a minimum height of 12' clear to your lighting instruments.

    - At least 5' of wing space

    - An auditorium house that seats at least 300

    A lobby space

    - A fly system is NOT required

    - Lighting system, we will need a reasonable stock of instruments from the winning school to light with. Moving lights are NOT required.

  • Staffing

    We will turn to the winning venue to provide the actual staffing of the event such as volunteers to take tickets, help with crowd control and other assorted functions. These can be students, parents, booster club members etc. (IF your school requires any type of security or janitorial staff on duty while using the auditorium the winning school will also need to provide that. ) The actors in the event and the guides will of course be your students!

Show Schedule

  • Length of Event

    The winning school will need to be able to host the event for at least 3 nights of 4 hours each night. This could be a Thur-Sat or a Fri, Sat Sun etc.

    The longer the better. Two weekends would be even better as more money can be raised. Its not a requirement however.

  • Tech

    The Haunted Mine Adventure is full of special effects. To make sure these effects work perfectly and wow audiences, they will need to be tech'ed not only with your actors but for tweaking.

    The winning school needs to be able to host a tech period of up to 2 weeks in order to allow our experts time to perfect these effects in your space and to teach your students about the process and let them be involved.


  • Casting

    While we are providing the special effects, the scenery, the NYC Broadway experts and the story your students will be the cast in the Haunted Adventure. Students will also serve as costumed tour guides for the groups of guests. The wining school's drama teacher will be free to cast their students as they see fit and to direct the overall adventure with their own flair/spin within the bounds of the story.

  • Rehearsing

    The winning school will be responsible for the rehearsal of the students prior to our staffs arrival with the scenery and all those special effects!

  • Show Time!

    The winning school will be responsible for the scheduling etc of their cast for hte event itself!

  • Costuming

    Costuming will be something on a case by case basis. We could certainly use your help in getting the costumes together for this.

Advertising crew and exta work with getting peope to th event

  • Advertising

    A & L has experts in community outreach and advertising to help guide the winner in turning out the community. No matter how much community engagement you normally do for your plays/musicals etc we will help you do more for this.

    We will need the help of your students and/or volunteers with this. That could include things like hanging signs in neighboring businesses, social media account management, graphic design,, facilitating interviews with local newspapers/radio/tv etc.

    Expect to be busy with promotion!! Our staff will help you treat the advertising for this like a Broadway show. <br
    That means a media/advertising blitz in an effort to get as many people to show up as possible so the most money is raised for you!

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