Immersive Haunted Adventure Fundraiser

Haunted Mine Adventure
Story Synopsis

The Haunted Mine Adventure is a family-friendly and immersive Haunted Experience that blends a Disney-like approach with theatrical story-telling and great special effects. Immerse your guests in the experience of being in an old mining town and inside the mine itself.

The year is 1878. A brand new copper mine has just opened on land that the Hopi Indians believe was given to them by the gods. The Hopi lived there for centuries until the Horse Soldiers killed most of their kin and drove the rest off the land to free it up for settlers. Some people believe this land to be haunted by the spirits of the dead Hopi.

Outside of the entrance to the mine; miners are arguing with the overseer about some of the unexplained occurrences they have experienced over the past couple of weeks. As they argue about the nature of these occurrences their lanterns blow out.  They are left in the dark while the mine opening collapses trapping a young boy.  He cries out “They want you to leave now!” before being dragged into the mine by an unseen force. This final event causes the owners to abandon the mining project and attempt to keep everything that happened a secret.

Two years later, a mysterious new owner is seeking out miners to mine the same site, which has been abandoned for the past two years . This new owner is offering unbelievably  high wages to entice miners to work on a site that is rumored to be haunted. 

A group of miners has finally been assembled to work the mine again and they have spent the last couple of weeks readying the work site.  Two workers are headed down the mine shaft to the 300 level where a miner had mysteriously died two years prior. While these men are working they start to hear strange noises culminating in the outline of a worker who had been killed suddenly appearing in the bricked up entrance to the section where he died. Frightened the men run out, and one of them goes directly to the overseer.

The overseer wakes up the boss in the middle of the night and brings the worker into the boss’s office and the worker recants his experience from an hour earlier. Fearful of the potential impact of the worker telling others in the camp of his experience, the boss silences the worker through threats and intimidation. The other miner is also called in the office and told the same thing – they must never speak of this again or risk being tossed in prison due to their checkered past. 

In spite of the boss’ threats, the next night, the two workers are telling a small group about what happened the night before and how they are all effectively trapped working at this haunted mine site due to their past transgressions. They discuss the nature of the hauntings when they all experience a supernatural event themselves. They are scared but can not leave for fear of the boss. Suddenly a figure, who has been listening to them talk emerges from the shadows and suggests if they are concerned about the experiencing supernatural events and murders of the other minors while being effectively trapped as slaves to their boss, the only other option would be to kill the boss. The men are stunned and quickly change the subject.

A few days later a machinery operators enters to begin his  shift in the machine house. He sees a coworker bent over one of the machines and spends some time chatting at him, without getting a response. Concerned, he goes over to check on the worker and discovers he has been beheaded by the machine. Before he can run to tell someone, the lights dim and from above the worker sees the dead man’s lantern and hardhat floating in the rafters without a body to hold them up. This also calls the worker’s attention to the sets of coveralls that hang from the ceiling. Two sets seem to be filled with something.  The miner pokes each one and finds the other two machinery operators from the first shift dead and stuffed into their coveralls. The worker runs screaming from the machine shop which brings all the miners to the center of the camp.

At the center of the camp they debate about whether the place is haunted, what the deaths mean, and what they should do. Emboldened, the miner who was first silenced shares the details of his conversation with the boss and how all of the workers are actually trapped there because of their criminal pasts. This alarms the group and while they decide what to do, the shadowy figure again emerges from the back of the group and proposes killing the boss so they can all go free. 

Before they can decide what to do, the overseer and the boss come riding up to the center of the camp and order the men back to work. Incensed the men refuse telling the boss the place is haunted. The overseer refutes this and he and the boss offer to go into the mine and personally inspect it, right then and there, if the men agree to get back to work. 

When the boss and his men descend into the mine, the group of miners is visited by the Hopi  spirts. Just as the spirits are about to kill everyone for mining on their sacred land, one of the miners offers a compromise – if he kills the boss and his men, then they should all be set free. The spirits agree to this. While the one man who has been selected to kill the boss and his men, heads off to complete the task, the spirits decide to renege on their agreement not to kill the workers since the white man has for years broken their promises to the Indians. The spirts spare only one man – the man who had the courage to put an end to the mining on this sacred spot and kill the boss. 

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