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Raise money for your theatre program with our immersive theatrical events

Imagine a fundraiser for your drama program/theatre where  thousands of dollars could be raised but it costs you nothing to put on. 

A fundraiser that both entertains the community with something never seen and gives your volunteers/ students a unique educational experience… But the logistics are handled for you.

A and L Entertainment school drama program and community/ regional theatre  fundraisers are that experience. 

Leveraging the expertise of NYC Broadway veterans to create immersive worlds with imaginative stories, A & L has created the ultimate way to raise funds and entertain the community. 


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A groundbreaking experience

When the audience enters they are standing in the town square of an ancient Nordic village set. Tables all around.

One side of this immersive set is a rockwall with functioning waterfall. The other side, store fronts and homes of the village itself. In between a three course buffet, guests will see and hear the story of a brave young girl's quest to restore the lights of the north that have been stolen. Its a story of self discovery and triumph. Each roughly 10 minute act is presented via projections mapped to the buildings and rock walls themselves.

All of this happens onsite in your space. Proceeds are split between your organization and A and L Entertainment. Tickets vary, depending on local food costs, between $25-$50 per person. Not bad for an evening of food AND entertainment!

Currently we are seeking fall 2024 schools and theatres. Through June 1st, we are offering an extra 10% split for schools/ theatres that sign up. This is a thank you for helping us kick off our fall '24 routing. Contact us to today for more information or to sign up.

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host an immersive fundraiser

How Much can I raise?

The idea for a fundraising company has been tested and proven itself in a small-scale test. The event was a traditional Haunted House - all low tech.

Even with limited reach and little advertising, the drama club profits $4-6K per year. Our theatrical fundraiser events are unlike anything else!

Not only do the fundraising events help increase your ability to raise money but we entertain the community and provide a unique educational and performance opportunity at the same time.

The amount raised will depend on the number of seatings, community response and the level of participation of the organization itself.

Through June 1st, we are offering an extra 10% split for schools/ theatres that sign up. This is a thank you for helping us kick off our fall '24 routing. Contact us to today for more information or to sign up.

How much does it cost to host?


While we are not a charity you will NEVER pay us. No licensing fees, finders fees, performance fees, nothing.

In fact you will not send us money at all. We cover our costs of sending you the scenery, the special effects etc by splitting the profits with you. This split also covers our cost of the staff we assign to help you raise more money by advertising and engaging with the broader community.

Hosting an A & L Entertainment Dining Adventure can be a great way to raise funds.

Our interactive immersive experiences are great for schools and non profits looking to present something different they can use as a fundraiser for their programs. Each event provides an opportunity for students to learn from the professionals at A & L while helping to create something special for their program; all while raising money.

led by a team with over 15 years of experience on Broadway.

A perfect partner

A decades long history as an entertainment company, paired with a leadership team who has years of experience working in theatre on Broadway and all over the world, makes A & L Entertainment the perfect partner to support and help organizations produce these interactive events.


We are a group of NYC-based designers, technicians and stage managers who have worked on Broadway for years. We have come together to as the leadership team of A & L Entertainment Community.

Our team is lead by veterans of Broadway shows including Kinky Boots , Jekyll & Hyde and a Bronx Tale.

We have come together for this new concept knowing that getting to Broadway is no easy feat. It requires talent, perseverance and a great educational theatre program that is well funded.

To help, we are taking our Broadway & event experience to create immersive theatrical events that organizations and schools can put on to raise money and financially strengthen your theatre program.

Get an extra 10% more in profit sharing

For fundraisers this fall, get an extra 10% in profit sharing if you contact us before June 1st.

There is never any cost to your program. Lets raise funds together.