The Story

The Quest to restore the dancing lights - a nordic dining adventure: synopsis


High in the Mountains & Far from the modern villages was an enchanted land.
On a small hill, a quaint cottage sat alone. Today, two curious grandchildren, Ingrid and Leif came to learn about their ancestral origins. They knew nothing about their grandmothers’ roots.

A Village once in danger....Without learning from the past, the future may mirror it.
at the beginning, humans and animals lived in harmony, speaking a common language. each Winter Solstice, the people and animals gathered in the High country but slowly lost their bond.

The Elemental Spirits were furious humans were destroying the delicate balance of the earth.
the Elemental Spirits decided to leave all the land covered in snow and limited the sunlight in all seasons. The hope was that peace could be restored if the humans were miserable enough.

As time passed, a dark evil was spreading in the Low Country
One day, that evil pierced the enchanted land above the clouds robbing all the lands of their dancing lights

He is dead and the light stolen from the High Country
I looked at my mother, my father Chief Uni and the unknown hooded person and timidly asked, “who stole the joyous dancers of the north and how do you fix it?


In a world fraught with violence and chaos, an insulated village in the northern mountains is the last remaining untouched by the maelstrom of human conflict. When the lights of the north unexpectedly vanish, it falls to a young girl of the Highlands to stop the approaching evil intent on destroying everything she’s ever known. Along the way, ancient secrets of the past are unveiled that might change the world for good. Can they restore the lights of the north and stop the evil on the horizon before its too late?

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