The Experience

What You'll see from your table during the adventure, in between buffett courses:

Press play below to start a video preview of what our custom projection mapping video will look like from your seat.

If on your phone, it will look better in landscape mode.

What you'll

The Quest to Restore the Northern Lights: A Nordic Dining Adventure, offers guests dinner and lunch seatings. *Some hosts will choose to offer a special dessert only seating as well.

All seatings and courses are buffet style. Ticket price includes the adventure, 3 courses and either water or iced tea. Specialty mocktails and soda available for an additional fee.

Dinner Seatings:

Lunch Seatings:

*Dessert Seatings:

What you'll see while you eat

Dine inside the story at shared tables immersed within the scene itself.

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